Why Us?

The Walk On™ difference is simple. Our Walk On™ technology is IP enabled to remember each time your website visitor comes back. Our Walk On™ technology is intelligent so the actors and actress are NOT ever intrusive, but highly effective to give you that “Call to Action” you require. EVERYTHING is customized to fit YOUR needs and industry with NO CONTRACTS and NO COMMITMENTS! You can have the Walk On™ actor start immediately as your visitors enter your website or the Walk On™ actor can be activated by the visitor by clicking a small “Play Me” button placed anywhere you wish on your website. The Walk On™ technology is so advanced that the actors can be displayed as little or as many times you would like or even rotate with other actors to make your site more engaging and compelling. Plus, when you click on the Walk On™ actor, it links your visitor to a page of your choice like a Submit form or a Shopping Cart – which can be changed at anytime, as many times as you want at no additional cost! Our Walk On™ technology is updated and monitored for each of our clients daily. As browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox are always changing their code – so are we to ensure your Walk On™ actor is always on your websites 24/7. We keep your Walk On™ actor videos on our servers to ensure a 99.9% up time and a faster loading speed for more efficient results. Walk On™ Site does not nickel and dime you… It’s all included: Scripting, Talents, Shooting sessions, Editing, Audio and Graphics. The Walk On™ technology is the most cost effective way to advertise your products and services on the internet today to get the results you need. Conversion rates and lead generation by using a Walk On™ Actor has increased some of our clients results by 10 times*. Call us today to put yourself or one of our Walk On™ Actors and Actresses to work for you!