Walk On Features

  • We have hundreds of actors and actresses to choose from. Click on the Why Us? tab and select the actor’s page to choose! YOU can even be the
    actor/ actress! Ask us how!

  • MUTE : Walk OnTM’s can start MUTED. So the visitor can enable the sound.
    LEAVE A PAGE: When a visitor leaves your site, a Walk OnTM can come up automatically and say: (Example) “Hey, Thanks for stopping by ________. Before you leave; don’t forget to use this promo code next time you are

    We can create a Walk OnTM player with YOUR Business Logo on it!
    THE ULTIMATE BRANDING! (*Add Only $99.99 a mo.)
    UNBRANDED PLAYER SKIN: (*Add Only $49.99 a mo.)

  • Swooshes, Clicks, and Wipes, Music, Bells and Whistles. We can make your Walk OnTM come alive!We can also match your colors of your site and branding. Plus add engaging, ‘call to action’ animated effects to your Walk OnTM as well.
  • When a visitor clicks on your Walk OnTM actor… it will send them ANYWHERE you want them to go.
    Even Email and Facebook!

  • Your Walk OnTM actor has the ability to appear when you want it and how you want it. It can start automatically or be user enabled. Our advanced Walk OnTM Technology remembers each visitors IP address, so if you want the Walk OnTM to appear on your visitors first visit or rotate different actors with different messages or even schedule a start date and an end date…. It’s No PROBLEM for
    Walk OnTM!

  • YES! We can put a Walk OnTM your Facebook Business Page!
  • Our Business and Enterprise customers receive their own Login/ Back-end Walk OnTM Dashboard. You can view all your Walk OnTM’s, Tracking of each videos performance, ( i.e. views, stops, replays, mutes, clicks, pauses) Add users, View and Create Playlists, Edit the hyperlinks, placements, video actions, scheduling and so much more!
  • You can track each of the Walk OnTM videos performance, ( i.e. views, stops, replays, mutes, clicks,
    pauses) Cool Stuff!